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Rotom’s Pokédex

#212 Mega Scizor ~ ScizoriteScizorite

#212-megaMega Scizor 
Mega Scizor Mega Scizor shiny
2.0 m (6'07")125.0 kg (275.6 lbs.)
Mega Scizor Pincer Pokémon

Ability #1

Technician - Powers up the Pokémon’s weaker moves.

50%  - 50% 
Pokéball% Catch rate: 25/255
tame icon Base friendship: 70/255
1 000 000 Experience Points @ Lv100
Color: Red Red
Shape: bug-wings


#212 Mega Scizor

 • Evolution

Basic  Stage 1
#123 #123 Scyther
Trade @ Metal Coat Metal Coat
#212 #212 Scizor

#212 Mega Scizor

 • Type efficacy

(Move Power × [4 | 2 | 1 | 0.5 | 0.25 | 0])

½ 1 1 0 1 1 ½ 1 ½ 4 1 ¼ 1 ½ ½ ½ 1 ½
This table ignores the ability.

#212 Mega Scizor

 • Statistics, Effort values & Experience

(MIN–MAX: [0 IV, 0 EV, Nat.-10%] — [31 IV, 252 EV, Nat.+10%])

< Mega Scizor >
  HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Base Stats 70 150 140 65 100 75
Level 50 130-177 139-222 130-211 63-128 94-167 72-139
Level 100 250-344 274-438 256-416 121-251 184-328 139-273
Tot. Base Stats: 600
Effort values (2) 0 2 0 0 0 0
Experience: 210

#212 Mega Scizor

 • Pokédex Entries

XThis Pokémon’s pincers, which contain steel, can crush any hard object it gets ahold of into bits.
YIt has a steel-hard body. It intimidates foes by upraising its eye-patterned pincers.
Omega RubyScizor has a body with the hardness of steel. It is not easily fazed by ordinary sorts of attacks. This Pokémon flaps its wings to regulate its body temperature.
Alpha SapphireScizor has a body with the hardness of steel. It is not easily fazed by ordinary sorts of attacks. This Pokémon flaps its wings to regulate its body temperature.
SunIt uses its wings to adjust its body temperature. Otherwise, its metal body would become too hot and melt in the heat of battle.
MoonOnce it has identified an enemy, this Pokémon smashes it mercilessly with pincers hard as steel.
Ultra SunIts body is like steel. Its tough, heavy pincers are more suited to smashing enemies than grabbing them.
Ultra MoonOnce it has identified something as an enemy, it will continue beating them with its steel-hard pincers until there’s nothing left but scraps.
 Mega Scizor
SunThe excess energy that bathes this Pokémon keeps it in constant danger of overflow. It can’t sustain a battle over long periods of time.
MoonDue to the effects of Mega Evolution, its pincers have taken on a more diabolical form, ripping anything they pinch to shreds.
Ultra SunIt stores the excess energy from Mega Evolution, so after a long time passes, its body starts to melt.
Ultra MoonIt’s better at beating things than grasping them. When it battles for a long time, the weight of its pincers becomes too much to bear.

#212 Mega Scizor

 • Egg Groups


#212 Mega Scizor

 • Moves, Learnset of Mega Scizor






#212 Mega Scizor

 • Sprites & extra info…

ja Hassam
en Scizor
fr Cizayox
de Scherox

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