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High Horsepower (Move)

  Move #667, Generation VII

  Ground Type

 [physical] Physical move

  Power: 95

  Accuracy: 95%

  10 PP

  Priority: 0 (default)

  Target –> Selected Pokémon

Gen. VII:

The user fiercely attacks the target using its entire body.
Pokémon @ High Horsepower
By leveling up
#143#143 Snorlax#623#623 Golurk#749#749 Mudbray#750#750 Mudsdale
By breeding
#077#077 Ponyta#231#231 Phanpy

en High Horsepower
it Forza Equina
fr Cavalerie Lourde
de Pferdestärke
es Fuerza Equina

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